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If you want to hire web Developers from a reputed Java development company or would love outsourcing java projects, just be in touch with our team here at Kikde Group. We do have many years of experience in Enterprise Mobility, Web designing, Web development and other parts of Information Technology.


To rely on applications for any sort of work, has become a common thing. In order to cover users in different platforms and operating systems Java seems to be the only solution which led developers to depend on this incredible programming language. Ultimately one can develop applications across, desktop as well as mobile devices using java.


Why Kikde Group’s Java Development Services?

As a Java applications development company in Delhi-NCR, India. We have talented Oracle Certified Java Programmers. In our existence, we have created Java applications that cover all aspects of the technology. Hence you can expect high quality and the return of investment from your product.


Our team of Java professionals ranked top in providing Java application development services in below segments


Java Development Services

Kikde Group has a wide experience of developing web applications in J2EE frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, Struts, etc. Being the best Java web development company, we develop web tools and APIs which support service-oriented architecture (SOA).


Java Enterprise Application Development

Kikde Group’s java web development services have complex, enterprise-scale applications and solutions in Java technologies like EJB, JSP, JSF, Spring, etc. As a reputed java software development company, we have developed several enterprise applications in Java and helped our clients to increase efficiency and productivity.


Java Desktop Application Development

As a Java app development services company, we have vast experience of developing multi-platform desktop applications in Java using different tools and frameworks. We develop custom user interfaces and graphical interfaces for these Java desktop applications to maintain and promote the client’s brand identity


Java Mobile Application Development

Java is the most popular app development language.

Java is used in development of:

Android Apps 

Server Apps

Web Apps

Embedded Space

Big Data Technology

Scientific Apps




Java CMS Services

Java has been the language for enterprise software development for a long time and with good reason. It’s more reliable, secure, and has an excellent ecosystem of tools and libraries that Java developers are familiar with.