Google Sheet: A Guide To Online Spreadsheets

If you just start to use Google Sheet, or if you are also looking to get started with Google Sheets, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we’ll cover how to use google sheet and also walk you through some of the basic things. This blog will help you to understand the complete guide of Google Sheet.

Google Sheet!!

Google Sheets is a free cloud-based spreadsheet application. You can directly open the Google Sheet in your browser window like regular webpage. It looks and works like any other spreadsheet tool, but since it is an online application it offers much more than most spreadsheet tools.


Why use Google Sheet?

How is this to start?

Ø  It’s free!!

Ø  It has enough features to perform complex analysis, but it is also very easy to use

Ø  It's collaborative, so all teams can see and work with the same spreadsheet in real time.

Wnna more convincing? Here are five more reasons from Google themselves.


Can you still do advanced things?

Off course!! You can create a dashboards, write head-spinning formulas and even create apps to automate your work. The sky is the limit!!


Okay, I get it from where? How to Create Your First Google Sheet?

As of 2021, it looks like this the screenshot I shared below. If this is your first time to work with sheet, then you must go through this link https://www.google.com/sheets/about/

To know how to create your first Google sheet, then follow the steps given below:


Click on the “Go to Google Sheets” option.


Step 2:  

After that, you will be asked to “login” with Google.


Step3: You can directly jump on the Google Sheets home screen, and click on the “Plus Button” that is clearly shown in the picture given below.


Step 4:

After this, your “Blank Google Sheet” is open and sheet will look like this



Step 5:

There is an option to rename your sheet in the very top left corner. Click on “Untitled Spreadsheet” and type whatever you want to give name to your sheet, it would be anything, For Example: Name of yours or anything (x, y, z)

So let's introduce some key terms and the fundamental concept that spreadsheets work on.


You will see there are two menu rows in your sheet

The main window consist of a grid of cells. An individual cell is a single rectangle at the intersection of one column and one row, and it’ll hold a single piece of data

The columns are vertical ranges of cell, labelled by letters running across the top of the sheet


The fundamental concept of spreadsheets:

Column J and Row 19 intersect at one cell, and one cell only. Thus, we can combine letter and row number to create a unique reference to this cell, E19. Now when we want to refer to this cell.

Understand this and you understand spreadsheets. The rest is just details.


Deleting, Selecting, Entering and Moving Data:

Now the fun begins! Let's start using this new blank sheet we have created.


Tab on Cell A1 (you can clearly see on the top left corner of the sheet) and you can see the blue box in the outline of the cell that indicates A1 box clearly. 


Now, you can simply typing anything on the blue box and you will see the data you entered in A1.


Click on enter button and you have finished entered data after that you have to click on enter button and you automatically moved down to the next cell.

If you click on tab button then you will move across the one cell to the right!!


Opps!! I Made a Mistake

Calm Down!! Don’t panic...

Google Sheet saves every step of your work, there is nothing to worry about it you can always go back if needed!!


Note: If you are a Mac user then press Cmd+Z, or if you are using PC then tab Ctrl+Z and then you’ll undo your previous step.

Or, if you want to redo your last step then press Cmd+Y on Mac, and Ctrl+Y on PC.


Also, you can use the Undo Arrow on the menu bar:


Google Sheet: How to Use


Resize, insert, delete, hide / show columns and rows

Select a Row and Column

Click on the number (Row) or letter (Columns) which you want to select. The whole row and column automatically selected also highlighted with a blue color


Change the width of the column, or height of the row

Hover over the gray line that indicates the border of the column or row, until your cursor changes to look like this:


Then click and drag the cursor left or right to change the width of this column.

After that, click and drag the cursor left or right to change the width the size of the column. And the same process goes with rows also to change the height.


Pro Tip: To quickly change the width of the column to fit the contents of your cell, double-click when it is above the gray line.



How to add columns in Google Sheet

To insert additional columns or rows, click the existing column or row next to where you want to insert a new column or row, then right click and select “Insert 1 above” for column or if you want to insert row below the existing column then click on “Insert 1 below” for row.


When I Insert a row or column above to the existing data, you can see on the picture it will be added on it.

If you have scrolled down all the way of the bottom of your sheet, you’ll notice that there is given 1000 rows, don’t worry!! You can add more rows. There is a button on your Sheet to “add more rows at bottom” it’s all depend on the limits


Data Limit:

Finally, note that each Google sheet is limited to 2 million cells, which seems like a lot, but it has 50,000 rows by 40 columns (a totally reasonable-sized transaction database for an ecommerce store, for example.). Regardless, you will find that Sheets slows down considerably before reaching that limit.


Add / Delete Multiple Sheets, Rename Them

It’s very easy!!

Click the big plus (+) button at the bottom left of your Google Sheet to add a new sheet. We also called it “Tab

Why we use multiple tabs in Google Sheet?


You all know that, like a notes on different topics, Google Sheet help you to understand the separate different data and keep your Sheet coordinated.


Rename a Sheet, or Delete a Sheet

There are two methods to rename a sheet:

Double tab on a selected Sheet in which you want to Rename


Click on the arrow in your sheet and select Rename option in the menu bar, also you can see the option of delete also hide sheet option available.



Alternate Colors

Okay!! Let me show you something, to add alternative row colors to your tables.

Apply it to our basic table, by highlighting the table and then from the menu:


Alternative Colors Format

Format of alternative color as shown below:

Select the data in the sheet and then click on “Format button” given in the toolbar above after that Right Click on format button and select Alternating Colors and choose the color you want.


I don't expect you to understand all of this right away (and there is a lot more to this formula than what I've shown here), but if you try it and persevere, you will get there and realize that it really isn't much hard.



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