Google Algorithm Update

Google Algorithm Update

How can we optimize our content? How can we outrank the content to get the number 1 position on Google through SEO? These are the most searched questions on the internet about SEO and Google Featured Snippets. Google rolls out hundreds of core algorithm update every year and The Search Engine Experts decide to announce those updates having impacts on far-fetched media. Every time Google updates a new algorithm it only eases the use of search engine for users.

In this blog post, I will discuss Google featured snippets and the new update Google rolled out on the 23rd of January 2020. I will discuss how one can optimize content to claim the first position and get featured on Google snippet.

The new Google update:

The new featured snippets update has simplified SEO for users. It has been rolled out last week as the first Google algorithm update of 2020. 

According to Danny Sullivan’s tweet, a URL that gets featured in the Snippet Box will not appear in the 10 below results and listings. The new algorithm will declutter the result and help users to access relevant information.

Benefits of ranking in Google Featured Snippets 

The information that appears in the featured box is imparted by a trusted expert. The relevancy of content can be traced from a good number of backlinks.

It improves website traffic of your content and boosts the visibility of the business.

It can be used for brand campaign and awareness, brand promoting and optimization of the given information.

It can optimize a page for voice search as well and improve the search and data fetching quality through keywords.

Optimization of content for Google Featured Snippets

• Provide answers to questions and keywords.

• The main purpose of SEO is to help users find accurate and quick answers. The content that you upload on Google and if it matches the requirement of the searched question it will outrank the other sites when you will get the quality backlinks.

• Create information-rich content with high-quality images.

The better the quality of pictures used in content the higher Google will rank it, quality information attain the relevancy of information and help user access right information.